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Carlos Beltran's (Alleged) Niece Tweeted Out That Carlos Beltran Will Be Stepping Down As Mets Manager

First of all, obviously I don't know @S0_blessed1 from @S0_blessed2, @S0_blessed3, or any other potential Beltran relative or baseball insider. And while it would be crazy to write that Carlos Beltran is your uncle in your bio if it wasn't true, the fact of the matter is that Twitter is a crazy place.

Anyway if this is true, and if it is congrats to @s0_blessed1 for having the scoop on her (alleged) uncle being hired AND (allegedly) stepped down before the Jon Heymans and Ken Rosenthals of the world.

She also tweeted that the Mets made a big offer for Anthony Rendon, which doesn't seem very Wilpony but could have been an early Christmas gift that Uncle Stevie Cohen was looking to buy us.

Only the Mets could get looped into a cheating scandal involving the last two World Series champion teams, both from the American League, come back to bite them in the ass and cause them to fire their brand new manager two months after they hired him before he can even manage a game. It's truly Mets Mad Libs.

It seems like some members of the New York media are on a warpath for Beltran's head because he is managing a team in a major market and that team also happens to be a historical punchline. I would think that Beltran would be safe it's already been announced that he won't be suspended and if you start punishing managers or their clubs for what the manager did as players, that is a hell of a Pandora's box to open. Especially in a sport like baseball where everyone puts their head in the sand whenever anything shady is going down.

How the Mets handle this Beltran situation will determine just how much Steve Cohen is involved with the Mets. Because I can’t believe the guy whose company got fined a bazillion dollars by the SEC would get rid of a manager who Major League Baseball decided did not require discipline. Then again, I can't imagine the cheap ass Wilpons would be willing to pay THREE managers salaries next season because of what their manager did as a player for another franchise considering they are paying Mickey Callaway still and would have to hire another manager, unless they went Full Wilpon and just promoted everyone one spot in the org chart and backfilled the bottom position with a Wilpon grandkid. Shit this is exactly what they are going to do, isn't it? Either that or they are going to hope they can get Beltran to agree to a reduced contract laced with incentives just like the one they got Yo to sign after that boar crushed his ankles to dust.

Even if the Mets don't let go of Beltran, the fanbase has been in limbo all day about their manager as rumors hit the internet, there is going to be a constant cloud hanging over the team for at least the beginning of the season about what did/didn't happen two years ago in a completely, and Rob Manfred along with the MLB Powers That Be keeping an eye on what sort of tomfoolery is going on in Queens (because make no mistake, every team looks for an edge to win).

Then again, every Mets fans know how much the Wilpons value "integrity".

When I saw that tweet, I spit out my coffee and I wasn't even drinking any (because I was drinking bleach). Yes, that is the same Mets and the same Wilpon family that was named in this lawsuit.

Some other Classic Mets Moments Of Integrity

The bottom line is damn it feels good to have baseball back in my life weeks before pitchers and catchers report*!

*Please kill me

P.S. I'm all the way back in if the Mets go heel, unveil the black jerseys, and establish the mWo