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Someone Get A Helmet, Pads, And A Roster Spot For This Ref That Truck Sticked Mike Vrabel Into Another Dimension

We always hear about how NFL teams are looking in different places to find talent. You may be able to find a play maker in a different country or maybe even in a different sport. Did you know Antonio Gates played basketball in college?

However, none of these super scouts or fancy analytics teams have even thought about scouting the refs. Are you telling me PFF can't give me the 40 times and measureables of the zebras calling the game on the field? Because any guy that can decleat a man mountain like Mike Vrabel deserves at least a practice squad invite.

Also I think this video raises the question of who referees the refs? You don't think those guys are sick and tired of being second-guessed by everyone from the fans at home to the ex-ref traitors in the booth to the coaches on the field? I don't know how liberal Vrabel used his challenges. But that hit may not have been a mistake if Vrabel was throwing three red flags a game, especially since I'm pretty sure that "Sorry" was added in post-production.