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Lets Clear One Thing Up - Steve Kerr Is Not The Second Coming

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So last night after Steve Kerr decided to sign with Golden State over the Knicks, all I was seeing was how the Knicks had egg on their face. How Steve Kerr cuckholded them. How he screwed the Knicks and they botched this whole situation. And I don’t think I could disagree more.

First of all, Steve Kerr ain’t shit. I mean I’m sure he’ll end up being a fine coach, but I don’t know who decided he was to be declared the most coveted coach on the market. Like the second coming of Red Auerbach or the next Gregg Popovich. I don’t know why Steve Kerr thought he was worth $30 million and could take his sweet ass time choosing a destination. I keep seeing commenters and people on twitter telling me how he was an “amazing GM” in Phoenix. Steve Kerr had literally nothing to do with the Suns success in the mid 2000s. Bryan Colangelo built the Amare/Marion/Joe Johnson/Steve Nash Suns. Steve Kerr was still a player and an analyst when all that was going on. By the time took the reigns in Phoenix it was 2007, and after he did, the team pretty much tanked. Steve Kerr’s big acquisition was fucking Shaq. So, enough with this talk that Steve Kerr is some sort of basketball genius and was a make or break hire for the Knicks. Phil Jackson knows and trusts Steve Kerr, he wanted a dude who understood the Triangle, and thats the only reason he was in this position in the first place.

Secondly, I think the Knicks letting Steve Kerr sign with Golden State was the complete opposite of egg on their face. I think Phil Jackson and the Knicks wanted Steve Kerr and initially reached out. They offered him a fair contract and that was it. Golden State came along with a better offer and a better roster on the West Coast and the Knicks let him go. Had they counter offered and one upped Golden State’s offer and bent over backwards to trying to woo him to New York and he still chose the Warriors, fine – then the Knicks looked desperate and pathetic. But its like Phil Jackson or James Dolan or someone was the only reasonable person who came to his senses and said “Its Steve fucking Kerr we’re talking about here.” Best of luck to the guy. He got more money and a better roster. But in no way do I think this is embarrassing or a big deal for the future of the Knicks.