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This Is Not A Drill - Zion Is Actually Going To Play Real, NBA Basketball In Exactly One Week And I Can't Believe It

Feel like this has been talked about for a couple weeks now. Originally it was rumored that he was going to return this week and now it's pushed back until January 22. Honestly? I'm shocking that the Pelicans are having Zion play this season. They aren't close to the playoffs with the 2nd worst record in the West. Now you have a guy that you think is supposed to be the face of the franchise and turn this thing around injured. Not even injured, you have to teach him how to walk: 

I know it's probably not the popular opinion, but I completely understand 'redshirting' in the major leagues. We see it more in the NFL obviously, especially with quarterbacks who are learning under a vet for a year. But, why not give Zion a year to adjust to NBA life, get in better shape, run through a bunch of practices while sucking enough for another top pick. Hell, you could pair Zion with Anthony Edwards or one of thee guards, or trade for more capital. 

Obviously they are talking about playing him limited minutes, which I get. You're easing him in so in a way you're doing the 'redshirt' idea. The problem is 100% of people will overreact the moment he plays like 6 minutes and doesn't make a difference. It's going to happen. 

At least he won't fall asleep on the bench during games now: 

Just a reminder of what he did in Summer League during limited minutes: