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Checking In On Big Cat's Pile

As hosts of one of the top downloaded podcasts in the world, Pardon My Take's Big Cat & PFT receive a wide array of packages every day and as we all know, it adds up and has become just another part of everyday life at Barstool HQ. 

In fact, everyone was so accustomed to the pile at the old office that I was able to move segments of it around & scare people one Halloween. 

It's not that PMT doesn't appreciate the things fans (or businesses hoping to get a shoutout) send, but there's simply an overwhelming amount. In NYC there's no room to take most of these items home, and with their crazy schedules there's not much time to really sit there & organize it all.. (PMT is usually here before I get to work in the morning & (especially during peak football SZN) they are still here looong after I leave, and I tend to leave late.)

So today I was having trouble finding a good topic to ruminate on & heard Big Cat say he was gonna open some packages in a quick moment of down time. 

Me: "Hey, do you mind if I document this? Desperate for a blog today, ha ha."

Big Cat, kindly acting like me hovering to take photos of him opening packages isn't weird: "Sure, no problem."

Package 1: Football Guys

PMT has been alerted to these before, but to my knowledge these are the first they've actually received. ^^

Yes, even I saw them in my local hobby shop this past August & excitedly thought I was the first to discover them… 

It seems wholesome but when you open the box miniatures of these #FootballGuys come tumbling out:

Package 2: "Agh.. These's nothing more emasculating than packaging tape that won't break."

I imagine these guys have permanent tape-pull lines on their hands at this point.

…Also Package 2: University of Arkansas jumpsuit with razorback logos

Both items were admired & then gently placed onto the top of the pile. 

That was about all the time he had so the other unopened packages will have to wait until either he's got a free moment, or I have yet another painfully slow blog day.

And side note, some might think it's rude or a shame that things end up there, but any fans who have sent something & follow these guys know it will likely wind up in that pile. It's an authentic reflection of how hard these guys work, and that they are in fact, just regular dudes.. They don't have assistants to sort through it; it's on them to maintain a massive amount of never-ending mail. It's been part of the vibe from the old office and into the new, and I'd be sad to see it change.

When the Barstool Gold tours go by & I chat them up it's one of the things I'm jazzed to point out. 

"That over there? The pile." 

Stoolies are delighted. They've been hearing about it in one way or another for years. 

Also, over time things get dug up & used for random segments or ideas where they fit. For all we know you'll see those mini Football Guys on the Sports Advisors desk for something next season. And if not, it all winds up getting auctioned off for great causes. 

From a quick scan, here's some other items currently in the pile: 

-What I believe are Steven Cheah's high school football shoulder pads (??)

-Glass 'das boot' beer mug half-full of enormous, yellow vitamins 

-Brown, curly wig with highlights

-1920's style 'reporter' hat that says "PRESS" across the front

-Extremely dusty book on Motley Crue

-Spider Man plush toy (for dog??)

-Single, lost nerf dart 

Phew. Even when I can't rely on a hot story to blog, I can always rely on the PMT pile… it never goes to waste.