Sterling Can't Stop Won't Stop - Latest Recording Says His Girlfriend Is The Racist Because She Hates Being Part Black

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NY Post – Donald Sterling needs to just shut his big mouth. The racist LA Clippers owner was caught disgracing himself again — this time with an inflammatory tirade against ex-gal pal V. Stiviano in which he said she “hates being part-black” and “bleaches her skin.” The billionaire basketball boss insisted Stiviano, who is half-African-American and half-Mexican, is the real racist — while he is the picture of tolerance. “She is the most discriminatory person I have ever met,” he said, in a new recording obtained by the Daily Mail. “She tried so hard to make her skin white,” Sterling said. “She asked me ‘did I like black skin?’ I really didn’t think about the color of her skin.” He claimed she said: “I didn’t want to be black .?.?. My brothers and sisters are Mexican. Do you know what it is like to wake up every morning and want to be white?”

First thing’s first, Donald Sterling’s Girlfriend can cut the shit with this whole “black” thing. This bitch is Asian. If she’s half black half Mexican, then apparently there’s a third half of Asian too. Not one person on earth would look at her and think Black and Mexican before they thought she was just an Asian weirdo. So I think I’m with Donnie Sterling on this one. She’s the real racist. Asian girl running around saying she’s half black crying that she’s not fully white. Thats like levels of racism. Double racism.

But its just another day of the Donald Sterling PR machine making people sympathize with him. Yesterday he played the “Magic has AIDS.” Tossed in a nice touch of “Anderson Cooper is racist” too. Today its saying V. Stiviano is the real racist. Let this be a lesson to everyone else who ever gets caught in a scandal. You either A) Claim the whole thing was a social experiment, or B) point the finger at everyone else in sight. Make everyone else seem like the racist asshole. Tear everyone else down to your level. Step on them to get back to the top. Thats how you become a billionaire and thats how you get out of a racist scandal. He probably dated this weirdo Mexiiblasian racist on purpose so that when shit hit the fan with one of the many ethnicities he hates, he could spin this whole thing on her. She’s a very versatile patsy. Well played, Donald.