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After Saying It Was Fake Money, LSU Is Now Investigating Whether Or Not OBJ Gave LSU Players Real Money After National Championship Game

Yesterday, Chaps blogged about one of OBJ's various viral moments on Monday night. This one included money being handed to LSU players:

LSU claimed that it was all fake money:

However, it appears, an investigation has been launched into whether or not it was in fact real money:

This was inevitable because the NCAA offices must have went into full panic mode after seeing the video go viral.

I think all you need to see is this photo from the video above:

That's real money. Nobody makes that face when they are handed fake dollar bills. 

SOURCE-"It was a joke," LSU associate athletic director Robert Munson first told reporters Tuesday. "The bills were fake bills."

Yeah, I'm sure it was a joke. That's what OBJ does. Just joke around with fake $100 bills.

The person who initially posted the video has deleted the tweet/gone private as well. 

I think that is the same person who was talking in French to Coach O:

I think Coach O may have told him to get rid of that video, boy.

Never a dull moment in Baton Rouge. I think that's why we love this team so much.