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How About This Asshole Ref Dancing Down The Court After Making The Worst Call Ever And Costing Pitt A Win Over Louisville

Without hyperbole, this ref needs to be fired publicly and thrown in jail for collusion. There's no other way to describe this dickhead move. Not only does he get the call INCREDIBLY wrong, look at him doing the shimmy the entire way down the court. That's why refs are complete and utter assholes and deserve every form of criticism. 

The only explanation I can think of here is he took Louisville ML in a parlay and needed it to close out. That's the only explanation! This is the worst call I've ever seen. Look at the angle again. Now look at where the ref is. he's at opposite side not even close the play! There's a ref directly under the bucket watching this play happen. Guess what he did? Not blow the whistle, because there's not a foul! 

This is the biggest problem with college basketball. The officiating. It's horrendous and in this case it flat out cost Pitt a game. Not only that, but a vital game. There are 3 good teams in the ACC - Duke, Louisville and Florida State. Virginia Tech looks to be an NCAA Tournament team, but it's wide open after that. Virginia doesn't have a tournament resume, seriously go look at it. Neither does Syracuse, Boston College, Miami, etc. Pitt has a chance to be that 4th/5th best team in the conference but a loss like this just ruins their chance at the tournament even more since there aren't a lot of quality wins in the ACC this season. 

If I'm a Pitt fan I'm storming the court seeing this. If I see a dickhead ref dancing after making a wrong call, you deserve every right to ruin the game. It's fucking embarrassing and there needs to be some sort of punishment.