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OF COURSE Kawhi And Paul George Used Drake's House As A Secret Meeting Place To Discuss Teaming Up For The Clippers During The Offseason

I mean this is the most hilarious, of course thing ever. Of course they met at Drake's house (the one in California, not the one in Toronto at least Raptors fans). Drake is the biggest front-runner of all time, even more than our own Trill. I just love that they used Drake's house as like a secret meeting place.

The pair kept in constant communication, even meeting again at Drake's house after Leonard returned from a meeting in Toronto, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

I am actually fascinated by this all and enjoyed reading how it all went down. Why? Because it was such a surprise that no one actually knew these two were talking. Remember waking up to the news since it broke in the middle of the night? I'm pretty sure everyone did a double check to make sure what they read was right. Paul George was able to secretly meet with Kawhi, decide that he was willing to leave Oklahoma City (after re-signing there) and then Presti was able to trade him. That just doesn't happen in any league. 

But back to Drake. This man is the ambassador for the Raptors. He has a ring, he celebrated like he won the title, all that jazz. Sure, he MAY have a Kevin Durant and Steph Curry tattoo (wonder what he did with the Durant one now that he's a Net), but he's a Raptors fan through and through. If I'm him there's zero chance I'm letting these meetings happen unless they tricked him into thinking they were going to team up in Toronto. 

Kawhi, man. The dude is just a silent assassin. I love everything about him.