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Florida Mom Spends an Hour in Walmart Trying to Make a Bomb. With Her Child in Tow.

Source - A Florida woman has been hit with numerous charges after she tried to build a bomb inside a Walmart while with her child. 

Emily Rae Stallard, 37, was arrested at a Tampa Walmart on Saturday after two men stopped her from allegedly lighting the makeshift bomb, made with a candle wick, a mason jar, nails and denatured alcohol. 

A security guard called deputies with the Hillsborough Sheriff's Department to the scene, where they learned that the woman had been roaming the store for approximately an hour with her son. ...

Florida Police Scanner reports that the woman tried to spit on officers as they apprehended her and placed her in a patrol car. 

The mother was charged with attempted arson, fire bombing, child abuse, battery on a law enforcement officer and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

I don't think I'm taking a terribly controversial stand when I come out as anti-building bombs in stores. Whether the store in question is Walmart, Costco, Home Depot, CVS or Hot Topic. You should not do that. It is wrong every time it's tried. Thank you for listening. Remember to like, share and subscribe.

But with that disclaimer out of the way, on a couple of levels you almost have to admire this white trash crackpot. First of all, for spending so much time with her kid. A lot of parents these day are too busy to take their kids around with them on errands. They'd rather plunk their children down at home in front of the old electronic babysitter and go out for a little alone time than be bothered. I'm talking about the ones who can't be bothered to take their kids to Build a Bear, much less Build a Bomb. 

Second, in a world where we've all but given up on doing things for ourselves and our education in the sciences is among the worst in the world, how about Emily Rae Stallard DIYing her own improvised explosive device? How many of us could do that? Drop me off at a Walmart and tell me to put a bomb together and I'd be asking some minimum wage retiree in a blue vest for help. Not this mom. She's like a low rent, Florida gatorbait McGyver. Better yet, she's like Captain Kirk in that "Star Trek: TOS" episode where he's sent down to a planet to fight the Gorn and he finds enough mineral deposits to make gunpowder (because what 24th century star ship captain worth a damn wouldn't know the chemical formula for making space gunpowder?) and builds a makeshift cannon to win the fight and save the Enterprise

I say again, I am categorically against retail store IEDs made inside a shopping cart. But I'll damned if I don't respect Emily Rae Stallard's ingenuity. Keep up the good work, Florida.