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Should Sidney Crosby Be Suspended For Bullying? Honestly, Yes

Poor, poor Ryan Donato. Just a good, sweet kid who happened to go to a small school in Cambridge called Harvard University. Now the fact of the matter is that anybody who attends Harvard is automatically a nerd. Doesn't matter how lazy one of your eyes are, you're still a nerd nevertheless. 

And unfortunately for nerds, their sole purpose for existing on this planet is to get bullied. But as a society, we've been working on changing that. We've been trying our hardest to put an end to bullying and allowing nerds to live in peace. But apparently Sidney Crosby didn't get that message and is still bullying the heck out of Ryan Donato behind the net, essentially giving him a swirly in front of 18,000 people. 

Would you like to take a wild guess as to how much room is in the game for this type of behavior? The answer is none. None whatsoever. This type of behavior is abhorrent. It is reckless and it just doesn't set a great example for all the boys and girls watching at home. Clearly kids are going to be seeing Sidney Crosby out here bullying Ryan Donato for being a nerd, and they're immediately going to imitate that behavior. We're trying to not only get bullying out of the game, but get bullying out of life as we know it. Meanwhile, Sid is out here pulling Ryan Donato's underwear over his head before setting up this dish to Dominik Simon for his 4th point of the night. 

This guy hadn't played in a game since November 9th after getting abdominal surgery. Missed close to 30 games and made his return last night for the first time in 2 months. And what does he go out there and do? Drop a quick 4 points on a goal and 3 assists. But maybe he needs to miss a little extra time now because if I'm George Parros and the NHL Department of Player Safety, I'm giving Sidney Crosby a call today. This should be at least a 3-gamer, and I'd be fine if it were even to go up to 5 games considering he's a repeat offender. If we truly want to get bullying out of the game, then we need to make it clear that toying with guys like Ryan Donato like this is not acceptable. But until the DoPS steps in and actually does something about it, more and more nerds are going to continue getting swirlied now that Crosby is healthy again.