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How Much Sauce Is Too Much Sauce? Because I Fear The NHL Is Beginning To Over Sauce

That was a trick question, you jabronis. Because the only answer is that there can simply never be too much sauce. But with that being said--I do think that maybe the calibration is off a little right now in the NHL. I mean this is the best hockey league on the planet and some of these guys are making it look like they're playing in the Coast. "The Michigan" was never executed in the NHL before this year and now we've seen it not once, not twice, but THRICE times just this season alone?

Maybe someone adjusted the skill level in the game and turned it back down to rookie or something. Or maybe these sick sons of bitches just don't give a shit anymore. Maybe there was a time when they would have at least thought twice before pulling off this move in an actual game, but now it's just Full Send for 365 days a year. 

And this particular move from Filip Forsberg was extra reckless considering he didn't even take the time to really set this one up on his blade. Just the ol' scoop & dunk like he's eating a pack of Dunk-a-roos. 

Just flips the blade, scoops it up and shows that alien McDavid that humans can get extra filthy on a sheet of ice as well. 

And how about the Nashville Predators, eh? I mean what a time these guys must be having out there right now. Granted, they still lost the game last night in Edmonton. But they fire their head coach and right away we had Pekka Rinne score with this 200' snipe. 

And then Forsberg becomes the 2nd player to pull off The Michigan in the NHL after Andrei Svechnikov has already done it twice. Pretty sure as soon as Laviolette was fired, these guys just had a players' meeting and said that they'd just treat the rest of the season like its a beer league, Sure, they'll try to win games here and still make a little push for the playoffs. But for the most part they're just going to sauce around out there and score some extra spicy goals. I'm just waiting for their next game that heads to a shootout because I think one of these filth balls will try to break out the Zorro. 

Sick bastards. 

Sidenote: How is Filip Forsberg still only 25 years old? I felt like he got traded by Washington a solid decade ago.