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Derrick Rose Got Fined Twenty Five THOUSAND Dollars For Launching A Pen Into The Crowd - Yes, You Read That Right, A Pen

Just to clarify, Derrick Rose got suspended $25,000 for wandering to the bench during a timeout, taking a pen from a coach and firing a goddamn Trevor Lawrence overthrow into the stands. 

Twenty five thousand dollars for that! That's such an outrageous number for something that I can't stop laughing at. I never would have guessed that this Pistons/Pelicans game would have it all. We had overtime. We had Zion falling asleep on the bench late in the game. 

I have no idea how the NBA comes up with fine totals. Like if this pen landed at the free throw line, is he getting hit with $25,000? Feel like he should be rewarded for showing off his arm like that. It's not like he hurt anyone. I mean, again, he's launching a pen. We're not talking about a serious object here. 

I just walk away from this impressed with Derrick Rose's arm. He's got more gas in that tank.