German Soccer Fans Are Pissed That A Player Is Flaunting Being Rich By Eating An Expensive Gold Steak Cooked By Salt Bae


[Source] - The gold steak video was undoubtedly ill-advised, not least for a player who describes himself on the club website as 'just a normal young guy'. It sits uneasily with Dortmund's increasingly vain attempts to maintain their reputation as a salt-of-the-earth club. 

I'm sorry, what? People are mad that a rich young person is doing rich young person things? That's what we're mad about? Come on, let's be honest here. The only reason people get pissed at things like this is because you want to do that but you can't, because you're not rich. This is outrageous. Luckily it's being called faux-outrage, because that's what it is. You can't possibly be mad at someone living like they have a shit ton of money. You're out of your mind if you don't sit around daily and think about all the cool shit you'd do if you had money. You could bet $25,000 on a national title game. You could go to Royal Ascot. You could fly private. I'm just spitballing here. 

Here's the thing I say all the time when people bitch about something like this. Here's what you need to do; get awesome at something and then profit. If you're not awesome at something, you can't complain. You're just a regular ass person that's going to make regular ass money then. Sure, you can do a cool vacation from time to time, but you're not getting gold steak cooked for you by Salt Bae. That's on you. 

Also hilarious that Dortmund is trying to hold on to a 'salt of the earth' club. There's something ironic about that and people pissed about him visiting Salt Bae. But you're a PROFESSIONAL soccer club. Not only that, you're one of the most recognizable clubs in Europe. You can't really be salt of the earth when you're as big as Dortmund. 

I hope Sancho finds a more expensive steak and eats it live on social media. Flaunt that money when you can, who gives a shit?