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Brad Marchand May Have Just Murdered A Man On Twitter

Brad Marchand must of heard the chatter on Spittin' Chiclets this week that Matthew Tkachuk is taking over as the most hated player in the NHL, so the Bruins forward decided to clap back at a few twitter trolls online and basically murdered a man. 

"Your shootout is in your driveway not the NHL peasant. You pretend to be me in your back yard dream big bud." After you get chirped like that by an NHL player you kind of have to sit back and just say "fuck, he got me." How can you even respond to that? He's spot on.

Tough break for Andy Man too. Guy is just sitting in his cube in Silicon Valley and wanted to send a few chirps out and boom, Brad Marchand murdered him. I can't imagine beer league will be fun this week. The boys are going to be all over him.