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How Much Is Bosa Sperm Worth?

I ask because we recently had a professional Bull Rider in the Barstool Chicago office and he said that good Bull semen can go for thousands of dollars per load. That, and I know Eddie has been working Pres to get invested in the bovine semen trade for like a solid year now so hopefully this doesn't cum *too* out of leftfield. It's a fair question when you consider the secondary market economics:

Las Vegas Review: Bushwacker’s semen will be likely worth $5,000 per unit as his job morphs from arena performer to calf maker.

"Calf Maker" 

Boy that has a sweet, sweet ring to it, which brings me to 2 questions: 

1. How Much Does One Bosa Load Sell For? I think the price has definitely exploded over time with technology. Maybe 50 years ago it wasn't worth more than the test tube. But now you have to imagine they can handcraft your very own first team all pro defensive end from the start. So if you assume that, the question basically morphs into: 

How much would you pay to have a Bosa-quality son

You communist pussies are gonna struggle with this concept but The Market Sets The Price. My guess is there's plenty of millionaires in Texas that would be lining up out the door to milk John Bosa. At 1-per customer, I would guess at least $250k. 

2. If you could - would you do it? Maybe a better question for dads but just think about it. You already have 3 kids and they suck. Mediocre across the board. Your life is going to be spent at shitty soccer tournaments watching other children dominate your DNA while the highest grade ever recorded is a B+ (in handwriting). Would you buy yourself a Bosa and try to raise someone who can give you Monday Night Football credentials? Bring the town a state championship and some pride along the way? Just think of all the Ford F-150's you could get on Christmas. Or DODGE RAMS if that's your thing. 

Point is if you have the means and your life sucks, why not? Why not be an all-pro dad?