Brace Yourselves For Idzik, Jets Fans



This is a big draft for Idzik and the Jets. Literally and metaphorically. Big in the sense that they have a boatload of picks. Big in the sense that Idzik is now settled in, fully in the process of implementing his plan, and it needs to be a productive one for this team to take a good step forward and please fans.

But the Jets need A LOT of help. There are tons of holes to fill. The Jets have 12 picks and thats still not enough to take this team to the next level. They’re just not there yet. Obviously the main concerns here are cornerback and wide receiver. But theres plenty of other places the Jets need to upgrade or solidify along with those. So what I’m trying to say here is don’t get your hopes up again the same way you did on the first night of free agency. I know its frustrating when you have a ton of cap space and don’t make any particularly huge moves, but thats because you’re a fan and you want instant results. The reality is for the Jets and Idzik, there are no instant results right now. Through free agency or this week’s draft. If they trade up for Darqueze Dennard or Odell Beckham or Marqise Lee, its not like that puts them over the top to become an instant contender. This is a slow, long, methodical process for Idzik and tonight I think we’re gonna see more of that. Now, in some way shape or form he has to address the shortcomings at corner. Or another WR would help round out a formidable set of tools for Geno or Vick or whoever is under center. But if you’re expecting to see huge names and big splashes tonight you’re going to be disappointed. Even if they move up in the first round (which I don’t think they will), its still not going to be enough. A rookie wideout or yet another rookie CB isn’t going to make or break this team.

Idzik has things headed in the right direction, and tonight is going to be some more progress. Just don’t expect that he can do it all in one night.