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OBJ Seen Giving WADS of Cash To LSU Players On The Field Last Night After The Game Was Over

I absolutely love this move from OBJ. I assume Jefferson isnt coming back to LSU and I refuse to google if he's a senior or not. Why would he come back after dominated the first round of the playoff and made a few huge catches last night as well? Every single one of LSU's wideouts should go pro. They were always open, always running tight routes, and always making the biggest catches in the biggest moments. 

Give em the cash. Fuck it. Write em a big check. 

Between OBJ giving out cash and Joe Burrow having his ICONIC moment of smoking a cigar after throwing 60tds in one season, that should be all the recruiting material that LSU needs to make this like a 15 year run on winning championships. If you were a 5 star recruit, why on Earth would you want to play anywhere that doesn't have Coach O, cash, Burrow, and the band playing neck? You wouldnt. LSU. So hot right now. LSU.


PS: I doubt the NCAA loves this move but im not in the position to address cheating right now because of my beloved Astros. 

PSS. Allegedly cash