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Will Smith Admitted That He Was Jealous As Fuck That Jada Pinkett Loved Tupac Ever Since They Were Childhood Friends

Welp, I didn't think I would gain a newfound respect for Will Smith today, but I think that's exactly what happened. Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate the hell out of the kingdom The Fresh Prince has built himself over the last 35 years or so. Worth a cool quarter of a billion dollars. Married to a successful, beautiful woman. Seems to be a very good dad to his three children.

Which is why I wouldn't have had any problem if Will Smith brushed off this question by saying him and Pac had no issues, reminding people to catch Bad Boys 3 in theaters this Friday, then resting his head on a giant pile of money for the rest of the interview. It's not like 2Pac is going to respond after the events of fateful night*.

*The night he faked his death (Source: This website from the 90s that blew my fucking mind)

Instead Will Smith admitted that he was insecure like pretty much every guy on the planet whose wife had a close guy friend growing up, except his wife's friend just happened to be a goddamn icon and the bad boy (lower case b's) in the same industry Smith was in. While Will was pumping out hip pop hits and trading witty insults with Carlton in Bel-Air, 2Pac was rapping about killing his rivals, fucking their wives, and going at the necks of guys with sickle cell. That does not strike me as a guy anybody would want a beef with, let alone if your girl has feelings for both of you. Complete no-win situation. So The Fresh Prince handled being around the guy his then-girlfriend loved like any guy would. By completely ignoring him whenever they were in the same room while being lowkey bitter as fuck about their relationship. 

If that doesn't make a megastar with four GRAMMYs, two Oscar nominations, and a shitload of 0's in his bank account a little more relatable, nothing will.


JK, Tupac is still alive ((Source: Once again, this website from the 90s that blew my fucking mind)