"His Nose Got In The Way" - The Philadelphia Flyers Breaking Down That Brad Marchand Shootout Attempt

They say that big time players show up in big time moments. So ladies and gents, here comes Brad Marchand! 

The Bruins had already blown a 3-goal lead. Then after Travis Konecny scored in the shootout to give the Flyers the advantage, it all came down to Brad Marchand to keep this thing alive. And...well...well you might be a little puzzled to find out that this dipshit wasn't even able to get the puck past the red line, let alone the goal line. 

So what happened? Is there any explanation for how Brad Marchand could treat us to the worst shootout attempt in the history of the shootout? Surely there must be a reason behind all this, and it seems as if someone on the Flyers has been able to crack the case. 

His nose got in the way. It makes perfect sense now. The Nose Face Killah strikes again, but this time it was more of a seppuku. Tough break for the beak. 

By the way--it sounds like this chirp is coming from Mark Friedman. He needs a new contract come July and if I'm his agent right now, I'm using this video to get him an 8x8 contract at the very minimum. That's just a good, clean shot right there. Better luck next time, sport.