Friendly Reminder That Joe Burrow's Favorite Athlete Ever Is Matthew Dellavedova And Now They Are Best Friends

One of the best things after a big game or a big tournament win are stories like this coming back around and blowing up again. Joe Burrow fucking loves Delly. I mean, it makes sense, Burrow grew up in Ohio and was there during the run to three straight finals. Of course he's going to love Delly, who didn't if you were a Cavs fan? 

But here's the thing. Burrow now arguably put together the best season in college football we've ever seen. You know what does? Draw the eye of your favorite player ever and become best friends. Delly made sure to share some messages with Burrow via Twitter and interviews over the last month, including acknowledging him as the GOAT: 

Hell, Delly even dropped that tough times don't last, tough people do - like him and Burrow. (h/t Cleveland)

“I think especially when times are tough or you’re going through a rough spot, you always want to have someone that you look up to and someone whose story you can learn some lessons from to get some motivation from,” Dellavedova said. “Someone to kind of point to and say, ‘They struggled, but they kept working and it eventually turned.’ And I think everybody in life does that, right?”

And when I say Burrow loves Delly, I mean he really fucking loves Delly. 


And if there's one thing for certain it's that Burrow is going to celebrate the hell out of this championship. I mean we already saw him last night smoking cigars, looking cool as hell (cool Joe some would say while manically laughing). But imagine him and Delly going on a binge together, playing some beer pong with the boys.