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I'd Like To Be The First Person To Congratulate Brad Marchand On Playing In His First Ice Hockey Game Tonight

This? This right here? This is your king??? Brad Marchand looking like he laced up a pair of skates for the first time in his life tonight. Game on the line. Bruins were up 5-2, Flyers come back to force overtime, game goes to a shootout and this is what Brad Marchand gives you. It's just beautiful. From start to finish, maybe the best move of his career. Especially considering it came immediately after Travis Konecny sniped this one right past Halak's glove. 

Remember that time that I said that Brad Marchand is the floor for Travis Konecny's potential?

Turns out I was way off there. That blog was extremely disrespectful to Travis "The All Star" Konency. 

Sidenote: Sean Couturier scoring this goal with Bergeron draped all over his back was also as poetic as it gets. The torch has been passed, folks. The torch has been passed. 

What a comeback. What a win. What a hockey team.