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Trevor Bauer Has Been ROASTING Astros Players On Twitter Today

Wanted to throw this up real quick as it’s almost halftime of the football game.  Trevor Bauer is on a goddamn trolling rampage tonight:

But let’s first rewind it to November when the original report dropped:

And then even further to almost 2 years ago:

Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 8.44.57 PM

He knew something was up, just knew it.  Tip’o the cap to ya, Trevor.  Just so much spite being unleashed and there is NOTHING I love more than spite.

Now, Trevor Bauer is a bit of an acquired taste.  Some people don’t like his outspoken ways and are totally turned off by him, other people (like me) cannot get enough of him.  I LOVE that he’s dancing on the Astros’ grave.  He called this shit years ago.  Well, not exactly sign stealing, but he knew something about them stunk to high heavens, namely doctoring baseballs to increase spin rates:

Which, I have a feeling, might be the next big thing the Astros are popped for.  A few pitchers, most notably Charlie Morton who was a nobody before turning into a freak with Houston, have seen huge spikes in their spin rate increase overnight after joining the Astros.  Even Verlander’s career looked to be on his death bed for a year or two before being traded to them.  We’ll find out if that math nerd Bauer’s suspicions are correct in due time I’d imagine, but for now I’m just gonna sit back and watch him troll the ever living shit out of Houston.  I love every second of it.