Conor McGregor Is Going To Be A Boxing World Champion

Conor McGregor revealed yesterday in a sit-down interview with Ariel Helwani that he sees a boxing world championship in his future - and while most in his position would have to put it in the work and pay their dues to climb the rankings to even get a title shot - Mystic Mac ain't all too concerned about that process. He's ready for the gold right fucking now. Homeboy couldn't even keep a straight face at the thought of fighting multiple times for a boxing title!

When talking about the potential names he'd face in a return to the squared circle, he brought up Manny Pacquiao (and seemingly hinted at being close to "signing him" shortly afterwards...possibly related to Paradigm Sports Management?), longtime adversary Paulie Malignaggi - who's not even worthy enough to share the ring with Conor in my opinion - and of course, that rematch with Floyd Mayweather.

Personally, I'd rather see McGregor stay in the cage than pursue any of those bouts, but I've also gotta respect what he wants at some point. Boxing was his first love, even before mixed martial arts, and if McGregor wants to go win a boxing world championship, who am I to tell him not to? Pretty sure my job is just to direct support. Plus, he'll definitely just do it and shock the world in the process, so I've really got nothing to worry about. We call him Mystic Mac for a reason. 

Give us a shot at whatever gold you've still got hanging around, Manny. Let's get nuts.