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Bears Hire Former Bengals OC...Is The Red Rocket Now On His Way To Chicago?

There’s really not a ton to take away from the actual hiring of Lazor right now because I don’t think anyone in Chicago can say with a straight face that they know much about him. We also have no idea what his role is gonna be since last year Nagy called plays and Helfrich was just “in charge of the run game”.

The one thing you do gotta think about is if it’s red rocket time in Chicago or not?


I personally believe that we need someone competent to compete with Mitch next year. Another year of Chase just isn’t going to cut it. I don’t necessarily have a preference of who either. It can be Andy or Mariota. Just give me a guy who has showed potential and may thrive with a change of scenery/new offense. People may laugh at that, but that’s where we’re at. Give Mitch a shot to earn it versus someone else who is fighting for their career.

Bear Down.