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The Knicks Are Reportedly Going To Sign "Air" Kenny "The Human Highlight Reel" "Mount" Wooten To A Two-Way NBA Deal


Don't let the Knicks get hot baby! Hubbs already blogged about Madison Square Garden how Madison Square Garden turned into a madhouse during a meaningless game in January. 

RJ Barrett realized all he had to do to become a force in the league was simply put on a headband. 

And now fan favorite "Air" Kenny "The Human Highlight Reel" "Mount" Wooten* is heading to The Mecca after the Knicks realized it would be a bad idea to let a freak like this rot in Westchester any longer once teams started sniffing around and were thinking about offering him a contract.


*We'll workshop the nickname over the next few weeks. But the Knicks may never give up another bucket in the paint or on the hardwood again with Wooten and Mitch playing the roles of Madison Square Guardians

I don't know if the NBA has finalized it list of Dunk Contest participants, but Kenny Wooten gets my imaginary write-in vote. The Knicks may not win many games, but at least they will pile up the highlights right next to the losses with AKTHHRMW in the lineup.