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Where Is Jared Carrabis?

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Bombshell after bombshell dropping in Baseball World today.  The Astros just got gutted with a Bowie knife and Red Sox manager Alex Cora was the mastermind behind not only their scandal, but the Red Sox scandal as well after he was already told to cut the shit by Rob Manfred.  It’s disgusting.  Cora’s involvement will make even the most mild baseball fan puke their brains out.  Read this, if your stomach can handle it:

And as of 2:47PM CST, Jared Carrabis, our national baseball writer and more specifically Red Sox writer, is nowhere to be found.  He’s gone radio silent.  Not a peep.  As of now, he hasn’t tweeted since about 10am this morning:

Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 2.51.40 PM

Pretty sure he’s traveling.  Something with Christian Yelich and a charity softball tournament.  That’s great, grow the game and do it for a good cause.  But at the same time, I’d be remiss if I didn’t see this tweet get dug up by Sales Guy Jr. aka Chuck Naso this morning resurface on my timeline…

“We’re at war, we’re at war, defending my manager Alex Cora, but I will take a bullet for that man, I will defend, I will follow him to the gates of hell.  COWARD reporting by Evan Drellich dropping this report at midnight”

…and not take the moment to dance on his grave from 800 miles away.  Ohhhh buddy do I got news for you Jared.  Alex Cora is FUCKED.  Like the most fucked person on earth right now.  This will also I think you owe Evan Drellich and Red Sox fans an apology.  Ya know how you don’t grow the game?  You don’t enable scumbags cheats like Alex Cora.

“You just hate to see it”


Yikes that’s gotta be a shitty flight.  Would have loved to have gotten his reaction as soon as he logged onto that $15 wifi.  Would have made my 2020

Update 2: not saying just saying…

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