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The Chicago Cubs Are A Dynasty

Just absolutely stunning punishments coming out today. The Astros are cleaning house. The Red Sox are about to fire Alex Cora. Major League Baseball is expected to bring the wrath of God down them. The State of the League is unwell. It makes me SICK. Cheating in baseball? It has no place in the game. Smh.

With the Astros and Red Sox both being disgusting organizations they should both have to vacate their titles. The last three World Series must be striken from the record. Wiped clean from our collective memory. That leaves one organization on top. One organization who does things the right way and doesn’t need to steal signs, use technology, and damage the integrity of the game to win. The 2016 Cubs are you defending World Series champions. Not for one year. Not for 2. THREE years straight winning the World Series and defending the entire sport. You do that and you’re a Dynasty. We realize it at the time as the Cubs were a complete disappointment the last two years, but in reality that was only because they weren’t cheating.


PS: I do not consider the Nationals to be a real team and they probably wouldn’t have beaten a three time defending world series Cub team.