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Mike Vrabel Is Back Tracking On His Promise To Cut His Dick Off If He Wins The Super Bowl....But He's Not Denying It Either

SI - When Lewan and Compton asked Vrabel if he would cut off his penis for a Super Bowl win, the coach immediately said that he would, and that his wife Jen would be okay with it (Jen even offered to help). On Saturday night, when it became clear that the Titans could go all the way, Twitter erupted with jokes about Vrabel’s wild claim.

“Oh, I meant,” Vrabel said outside the locker room before heading out for the night. “Listen, I didn’t want to disappoint Taylor and Will when I went on the podcast. I knew they were gonna ask me things that probably, if I just clammed up, [the show] wouldn't be very fun. So I tried to make it as fun as possible.”

I know we here at Barstool live in a different world where if you say something you're held to it no matter what. If you say you're going to chain yourself to a statue if your baseball team doesn't sign Manny Machado, you better chain yourself to that god damn statue and worry about your podcast with the AA left fielder later. So while we shouldn't *expect* him to ACTUALLY CHOP OFF HIS DICK (even if his wife said she'd help)

I'm glad he didn't 100% deny that he was going to either. He didn't straight up say that chopping off his wiener Val Venis style was completely off the table

You have to at least keep the aura of the bet alive. And if they do win the Super Bowl, he'll have to do somethinggggg. I don't know if we need his dick chopped off, but we'll need something. Maybe he goes Bob Barker style and starts getting the dogs and cats spayed and neutered? People love that shit. All I know is you gotta pay off a dick bet with something dick related, our forefathers wrote that in the constitution.