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Buckle Up Because Zion Williamson Is Reportedly Debuting This Week

Let's go! About damn time if you ask me. We've been getting reports for weeks now that Zion is practicing and looks great, but game after game he was still inactive. Well now barring some freak accident we will finally see Zion play in NBA games that matter starting this Thursday against the Jazz. That is one hell of a debut game considering the Jazz are the hottest team in the NBA at the moment and in my opinion needs to find a way to national TV. This also means Zion should be active for 

LAC on 1/18

MEM on 1/20

DEN on 1/24

BOS on 1/26

in the immediate future. You look at the Pelicans schedule and they have some big time matchups over the next month or so with some of the best teams in the NBA. Games you definitely want to see Zion play in so it's great to hear that our long wait is finally over. Ja Morant may have stolen the ROY award given how good he has been and the fact that the Grizzlies might actually make the playoffs, but let's not pretend like Zion wasn't the most hyped prospect since LeBron. Watching him play at this level against NBA competition in games that aren't preseason is going to be must watch stuff. The Pelicans can be feisty if they have their guys back, and I'll admit I'm intrigued to see what a Holiday/Redick/Zion/Ingram/Favors lineup looks like. 

All I ask is that the Basketball Gods grant Zion perfect health from now until the end of the season. The league is better with Zion in it, and I fully expect some shit like this on a regular basis