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BREAKING: J Lo Has Joined Tik Tok And She's Dropping Super Bowl Halftime Show Teasers

Source – Jennifer Lopez teased her Super Bowl halftime show in a new TikTok video on Sunday, January 12, and admitted in an interview that she is “a little sore” amid rehearsals for her big performance.

Lopez, 50, is headlining the Super Bowl LIV show on February 2 along with Shakira at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, and posted a video on Sunday showing a group of kids learning choreography to her 2011 song “On the Floor.”

Not what you expected? Me either. And if she has any of those kids on stage with her during her performance I’m going to be pissed. The video right before that, however, gave me hope that not all is lost.

That’s the J Lo I know and love. On the beach without a care in the world shaking that thang. I’m actually super excited for this year’s halftime performance. J Lo plus Shakira equals Pitbull. Even if it were only one of them they’d still  bring the house, but two?…





Here’s what she had to say about rehearsals:

On Saturday, January 11, the singer and actress admitted that her rigorous rehearsals were taking a toll.

“I’m a little sore right now — not gonna lie,” she told Extra at the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Awards, where she was honored for her role in Hustlers. “Taking it day by day, trying to parcel out my time, flying back and forth from Miami to here on the weekends. Listen, I am not complaining — it’s amazing to have to do that, to have to go to Super Bowl rehearsals, to have to come here for award shows. I’m fine, I’m fine.”

Sore is good. Sore means she’s going to pull out all the stops. If I had to guess I’d say this year’s performance is going to be all-time. I’m gonna leave you with two classics they probably won’t play, but I really hope they do- Hips Don’t Lie and Let’s Get Loud. 

Shout out to J Lo for joining Tik Tok and getting her content out there. Fifty-years-old and she’s still up on trends. Well done. See you on the second!