Golden Retriever Guards His Owner's Body From Coyotes After He Died On Cross Country Ski Trip


Daily Mail - A golden retriever kept guard over the body of its elderly owner after the 81-year-old died while skiing in Colorado.  Robert Blake had been reported missing on Friday afternoon, after failing to return from a cross-country ski trip.  When mountain rescue teams found his body under some trees the following day, Buddy the dog was standing guard to keep coyotes away. The loyal dog was found in a ‘protective stance’ next to Mr Blake’s body, and it appeared he had stayed at his owner’s side for nearly 24 hours.  It is thought that Mr Blake, a retired veterinarian from New Mexico, had died of natural causes when he stopped for lunch while skiing near the Delores County line. ‘There are a large number of coyotes in the area and Buddy refused to leave Mr Blake’s body until we spent some time coaxing him to trust us, Sheriff Bill Masters told KRQE.  A GPS tracker the experienced skier used helped the rescue team find him after his worried wife, Marlene Blake reported him missing.  When her husband failed to check in with her on Friday, Mrs Blake feared that he may have died.  But she said knowing Buddy would be protecting him helped ease her mind during the rescue.  ‘I knew Buddy was with him, and would not leave him, I knew that, you know just from my heart,’ she said. After keeping a vigil over Mr Blake, the four-year-old dog is now providing companionship for the skier’s grieving widow, who said she couldn’t ‘make it without him’.

Where the fuck did coyotes go wrong? Like there’s a chance Buddy the Retriever and these son of a bitch coyotes were related somewhere way down the family tree. Way back in some wild dog lineage. How does Buddy go on to be a loyal friend protecting the body of his owner while these fucking ‘yotes are trying to scavenge? They’re just the ultimate rejects of the whole species. No loyalty like domesticated dogs. No regal honor like that of the wolf. Just a bunch of homeless dickhead wild dogs. Go hang out with dingos or some shit, coyotes. Just go full heel and declare yourself part of the feline kingdom. Just leave Buddy and his owner alone.