There's Nothing Like The Sound Of Madison Square Garden Going Absolutely Nuts, Even If It's For a Team 18 Games Under .500

Yesterday the 10-29 New York Knicks hosted the 27-11 Miami Heat at MSG. At the same time the Chiefs/Texans wild playoff game was going on, but the crowd at MSG couldn't give one single fuck. The atmosphere of that Garden crowd was like a playoff game: absolutely electric.

Just listen to their reaction to Randle's 3 with just over 2 minutes to go. 

If you closed your eyes you'd think that was the crowd for the Lakers, Celtics, or Milwaukee Bucks. Nope, that's the sound of a crowd rooting for a team almost 20 games under .500. I mean that is just awesome. This city is DYING for the Knicks to be decent. Just be fucking decent and make some competent moves that's all we ask. It sucks so much that James Dolan is the owner of this fucking team. The thought of these guys actually competing for a playoff spot or somehow being a title contender is so teasing with that crowd and atmosphere. Players from all over should want to play in front of those fans, but they see the owner and how horribly run the team is and don't give it a second of consideration. 

I love how hard this team plays for Mike Miller. Make him the official coach. The young guys want to play for him. Don't consider anyone else in the offseason.

Fuck you James Dolan. Knick up. 

P.S. Yes, I'm a Knicks fan and not a Lakers fan. Sorry to disappoint.