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I Just Hope The Referees Let This One Be Decided On The Field Tonight

I just wanted to take a moment out of my busy schedule to be the bigger man and wish both Clemson and LSU good luck tonight in the National Championship. A lot of people would sit here and have sour grapes because the Buckeyes were completely cheated out of the playoff or because I had hotel reservations in New Orleans but instead I'm at work in Columbus, Ohio, but I'm not going to do that. Life isn't always fair and the better team that clearly wins on the field doesn't always win on the scoreboard. It's just a shame that the playoff uses the motto "Undisputed Champion" when in reality, either team that wins tonight better do it so convincingly or else I could see a scenario where Ohio State ends the year at #1. 

Anyways, I just hope tonight's game is officiated fairly. And I'm pretty sure it will be, seeing as the clear and obvious bias that Clemson got in the semis will be matched by the clear and obvious bias that the SEC always gets. This one might be so rigged that it's actually not rigged. And you know what that means folks.....the better team might actually win this game!!! Unlike two weeks ago...

Alright, I gotta go back to work. Thank God I'm not in New Orleans right now. That would suck so bad.