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My Friend Jim Cramer Is On A Crusade To End Bad Service At Airport Starbucks And I'm Here For It

At certain times in history great men rise from the ashes and take a stand for something. To try and fix an undeniable wrong in society. Today that great man is Jim Cramer. Folks there is an epidemic in America that has persisted for far too long. Something that people only talk about in hushed whispers. That epidemic is excruciating slow service at Airport Starbucks. Anybody who has ever flown knows what I am talking about. What should be a routine 3-5 minute wait for coffee can last 30 minutes or more. The workers don’t seem to have a care in the world. Moving at a pace even a snail would describe as a snails pace. It’s frustrating, it’s demoralizing and it’s flat out wrong. I mean speed should be of paramount importance at airports. I don’t care what Starbucks says the reason for the problem is. I don’t care if they say they don’t own these franchises directly. I don’t care if they say that airports are sovereign territory. I don’t care what the reason is. Their name is on the storefront. It is your reputation on the line. If you can’t deliver quality service than don’t have them at the Airport. Therefore as of this moment I pledge my undying support to Jim Cramer and his cause.