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Snoop Dogg Says It's A 'Motherfucking Lie' That Luka Doncic (He Has No Idea How To Pronounce His Name) Is The Best 20-Year Old Ever, Because The NBA Is Soft

I don't know why but listening to Snoop Dave try to pronounce Luka Doncic is one of the funniest goddamn things I've ever heard. The man just can't grasp there's not an I between the n and c. I'm a little shocked he didn't call him Luke too. That's just Snoop though. 

This has become the biggest debate somehow. If Luka is the best '20-year old' ever. Personally? I don't give a shit. Are we going to do it every year? Next year will we ask if Luka is the best 21-year old ever? Or will that change once he doesn't become better than the last guy we remember at that age? It's the dumbest shit we do. 

As for the softness of the league? This is the second dumbest thing we do. Guess what? Are we letting dudes punch each other still? Nope. But there's never been more talent in the NBA than now. We haven't seen guys with the size, athleticism ability to play multiple positions etc, like we currently have in the league. That's just a fact. Put Kawhi back in the 80s and guess what? Kawhi is a fucking monster still. 

Part of me loves that Snoop is just Twitter in real life with this video. The 'soft league' is the standard thing I see whenever I mention anything positive about the NBA right now. I guarantee there will be comments saying the same thing too. But not only that, he uses a one-game scenario to prove his point. Doncic only has 14 right now in a loss to the Lakers! That bum! He even drops that Luka is the best player in Europe, not America. He hit all 3 key ingredients to the perfect Twitter argument without really knowing what you're talking about. I'm obsessed with this video. I don't even disagree that Luka isn't the best 20-year old ever. Just a hilarious way to go about it.