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Marshawn Lynch Drops Some Wisdom Before He Saunters Off Into The Sunset

What a twist! This started off as the prototypical Beast Mode press conference. Short, to the point, I’m just here so I wont get fined answers. “Shit we lost.” Even the reporters were asking questions rapidly because they know the drill. And then someone asked about next year. And in the midst of giving his, “Shit, we’ll see what happens,” answer something went off in his head. Like, “Wait a minute, I may never be standing behind a podium like this again let me get this message off my chest real quick and then be out.”

That message, naturally, was take care of yourself. He was so deep in his message he nearly forgot he was in a room full of white people when he started talking about his younger teammates. This is an older, wiser Marshawn who wants to spread what he’s seen. Show what he’s picked up on both sides of the life. But you’ll never be able to fully enjoy retirement if you don’t take care of your chicken. Hopefully he comes back again for another playoff run. Him turning into running back Roger Clemens who only plays home and playoff games is something I think we’d all enjoy.

PS – how about the negative infinity awareness level on the reporter asking questions AFTER this beautiful soliloquy? Is this that dudes first day? It has to be. Because there’s no logical explanation for seeing a guy who hates talking to reporters in press conferences giving a minute straight of uninterrupted jewels of wisdom just to try and shoehorn a question about a jersey exchange in while he’s walking away. Considering the situation it might be the worst question ever asked. I wouldn’t argue you if you called it that.