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Wake Up With (Future Cardinal?) Nolan Arenado Hitting A Bomb That One Hops Out Of The Park
Rumor mill is swirrrrrling that stud third baseman, Nolan Arenado, is going to be moved soon. The new team popping up being the Cardinals. Could the best fans in sports be watching this guy hit bombs into Big Mac land soon? This ball probably would have gone over BML and hit the arch. 482 feet is what stat cast said, but lets be real, thats a cool 550 to the top of that ice cream shack that he bounced the ball off of. Absolutely blasted it into another atmosphere. The announcers said it one-hopped outta the stadium, and I have no choice but to believe them. A mighty impressive ball by maybe the most underrated player in the baseball. Guy would be an absolute star if he went to an actual baseball town like St. Louis.