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Who Are The Browns Going To Hire To Be Their Head Coach NEXT Year?

Alright now that the dust has settled and Kevin Stefanski is officially in Cleveland, it's time to get to work on bettering the future of this franchise. And that starts at the top, with getting the right head coach. In 8 years, Jimmy Haslam's Browns are 33-94-1, and we've gone through 5 coaches and 5 GMs. That means that although Kevin Stefanski hasn't even signed his contract yet, chances are that we'll be in the market for a new head coach this time next year. 

Kevin, thank you for your time. I'm sorry it didn't work out. I wish you nothing but the best in the future, and because you failed with the Browns, I'm sure you'll find success somewhere else soon.

Anyways, here are my Top 5 candidates for the Browns to hire for 2021.

1. Robert Saleh

I flat out like this guy. I don't know anything about him at all, other than the fact that he looks the part and his defense in San Francisco is really really good (held Kevin Stefanski's offense to 140 yards on Saturday). But the key here is that it appears that he was the official runner-up to the job this year. That means next year, when this whole thing inevitably goes sour, the people that wanted him can say "I told you so" and will get their chance to correct it. Sort of like how Kevin Stefanski got his job this year.

2. Jim Harbaugh

Okay so obviously this blog banks on the guarantees of life happening again next year, such as the Browns being terrible and firing their coach. Well the only thing more certain to happen than that is that Michigan's football team will once again be an embarrassment to the once prestigious university next year. Jim Harbaugh will fall to 0-6 vs. Ohio State, and the Buckeyes will have won 9 straight in the *rivalry*. Can Harbaugh really sustain another year on the hot seat? I don't think so. And with the Browns job open once again, I think you have to look at a guy who was 49-22 in the NFL.

3. Urban Meyer

I guess as of right now, Urban Meyer is nothing more than the best analyst on television and the assistant athletic director at Ohio State. I can't believe teams aren't (publicly) lining up at his door, waiting for his family dinner to end of course, and then begging him to be their coach next year.  Hey USC, Texas, Notre Dame, and Alabama: did you forget to turn your brains on? Urban Meyer is sitting around waiting for a job, and you guys are going to stick with the scrubs again next year? I've officially seen it all. So I guess since he's still unemployed in the coaching world, the Browns will once again have to hope and pray that Urban Meyer has interest in their job.

4. Bill Cowher

I know he's 62 years old and he hasn't coached since 2007, but I heard he was looking at houses in Strongsville. Oh, and he was our bitter rival's head coach for 15 years. But I'll say this: if Bill Cowher wants this job in 2021, it's his. Stefanski just couldn't control the locker room. We have the talent to win, but we need a hard nosed presence in there to get these boys in line.

5. Hue Jackson

Alright I know that Hue has already been in Cleveland we fired him, but let's not forget that this didn't stop the Cavs from rehiring Mike Brown after giving him the axe just three years prior. If Hue Jackson is the best man for the job, then Hue Jackson is the best man for the job. Now fortunately, I do NOT believe Hue Jackson is the best man for the job. But he comes in at #5 on the list because I literally cannot think of one other person on this Earth that would be interested in coaching the Browns after firing 5 coaches in 8 years.

Oh, and I know it's early, but here's my 2022 Short List:

Lincoln Riley, Jason Garrett, Dan Quinn