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Golf Media Is Already Upset That The Internet Is Saying Positive Things About Charlie Woods' Golf Swing

Last night this video of Tiger Woods’ 10-year-old son Charlie swinging a golf club hit the internet. It’s awesome. His swing makes 99% of golfers feel embarrassed about themselves and, oh, he’s got the great TIGER WOODS standing behind him caddieing. Folks are chiming in everywhere with good, positive, fun things to say. How could you not? We’ve got the greatest, most famous golfer of all time caddieing for his son who’s got a beautiful swing.

Innocent. Positive. All good, right?


I mean come on! I get that kids are kids and they need to be protected but you know what we’re talking about here?

A golf swing!

It’s. A. Golf. Swing.

It’s just so innocent, so harmless, so universally positive, and about something so trivial (a golf swing) that I find it INSANE to be upset. It’s as simple as this: the greatest golfer of all time is caddieing for his son who’s got a nice-looking swing, and folks are chiming in with their own version of, “Very cool! He’s got a bit of dad in him!”

Imagine being upset about that? It’s nuts.