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How Are YOU Getting Ready For NFL Sunday? Divisional Weekend is Here.

What a weekend of football. Does is stink that we don’t get a full slate of games for 11 straight hours anymore? Yes. But the quality of games in the playoffs, for the most part, has been fantastic thus far. Six teams remain alive for the quest of the Lombardi Trophy. One of them is the Kansas City Chiefs, and Mr. Commenter will be rocking their fullback’s jersey on this Sunday afternoon.

Mr. Commenter and a fullback, he wouldn’t want it any other way. With the first kickoff not until 3 P.M., how are some of the AWL’s killing time before the games today?

Solid one here. Flashbacks of APUSH in 11th grade, if you ask me.

Nothing to dislike about JJ Watt. Good guy, good player, good recurring guest on the show.

Look away, New Orleans fans. Or just drink your sorrows away on Bourbon Street over the next two days and meet up with Mr. Cat, Mr. Commenter, Hank, and Liam.

Texans bettors already had the win of the year (so far) last week against the Bills. Do they dare press their luck again today vs. Mahomes and company?