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UNC-Chapel Hill's Loss To Clemson Was So Historically Bad That Roy Williams Started Crying At His Press Conference And Begged The AD To Fire Him

It brings me no joy writing a blog like this, but I'm under strict orders from the top to cover this sport through and through. So when a once proud blue blood program is suffering historical losses and its coach is moved to tears during the press conference begging and pleading for the AD to fire him, it's my job to talk about it. I understand that this is another blog about what's essentially a middling mid-major this season but to be fair and show I'm not biased, Roy Williams is a Hall of Fame coach and one of the best in the country. So what happened exactly? 

Well, for the first time EVER, and the first time in 60 tries UNC-Chapel Hill lost to Clemson at home. It's even more than that though. UNC-Chapel Hill blew a 2nd half lead for the second game in a row. Actually, let me correct this even more. Roy Williams made one of the most egregious errors a head coach can make and the players weren't smart enough to ignore his orders therefore costing them a win and potentially a trip to the NIT. That's how bad this is down in Carolina. 

Here's the play that really is the reason Roy is begging to be fired: 

How do you not foul if you're UNC here? That's the most basic decision to make. It just shows how much of a failure that program is this season from Roy to Andrew Platek and everyone in the middle. There's absolutely no reason for UNC-Chapel Hill to try and defend when they suck defensively, especially at defending the three. 

No word on if this is just Roy wanting to be a professional gambler though since he's wandering the streets of Chapel Hill playing craps on his iPad. 


Either way, it sounds more and more like Cole Anthony isn't going to come back to UNC-Chapel Hill this season. Honestly, why would he? The ACC isn't nearly strong enough for them to get a bunch of quality wins. They basically have to go 12-3 down the stretch to make the NCAA Tournament. In the span of a week their coach went from saying his team is the least gifted team he's ever coached, spent two press conferences saying that even their a-game isn't enough and now he's begging to be fired and crying. Such a shame. Such a shame indeed.