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The New Orleans Saints Will Not Stop Crying

The Minnesota Vikings got their teeth kicked in by the San Francisco 49ers. Was never really a competition. Easily the worst game of the playoffs so far in terms of watchability. The only saving grace was as the game was winding down Michael Thomas started openly weeping on Twitter. As if the Saints would have done any better. I’m trying to picture James White tweeting like as the Titans get steamrolled by the Ravens tonight and it just isn’t clicking in my brain.

How the Saints aren’t used to this now is beyond me. Every year they’re unreal in the regular season, lose exactly one head scratching game they should win, enter the playoffs as a high seed and lose in a way that will make headlines and cause widespread rule changes for everyone. How they don’t realize this yet is unfathomable.

And while Cam Jordan is also very clearly not over the loss – a normal emotional response to having your season ended – at least he was funny about talking shit to the Vikings.