Eddie Johnson Dropped A Fantastic F Bomb On Live TV During The Suns Postgame

I don't know why but I cannot stop laughing each and every time I watch this video. A perfect 11 seconds if you ask me. Now there is some debate if Eddie Johnson actually dropped a quality F bomb on live TV, but I dunno man my ears hear "fuck this" and that's good enough for me. Love Eddie Johnson, he probably figured it was late, this was after a Suns game on a Friday night, who cares it's time to let it fly because if we're being honest that was a perfect description of what happened. If you missed the Suns game last night, Devin Booker went nuts late and took over, winning the game with two gigantic threes. The game winner came off a steal, and you could tell there was a 0.0% chance he was passing up the shot as soon as he crossed half court. He nailed it like he so often does, and it was a pretty cool moment

There was no way another Suns player was touching the ball in that situation, nor should they. That exact sequence is why you have Devin Booker in the first place. 

Speaking of Devin Booker, this is the season he finally makes an All Star team right? Averaging 26/3.8/6.4 on 50/26% with 1.9 3PM a night on a Suns team that surprisingly isn't terrible. I know they have come back down to earth a little bit but they are still much better than anyone thought and Booker is having himself the best year of his career. Oh yeah and he's only 23. You may have not known this since you don't pay attention to Suns basketball, but his 24 points last night broke a streak of 7 straight games with at least 30. I know the West is stacked at the guard spot, but in my opinion Devin Booker has earned his All Star selection.

I hope EJ doesn't come out and try and deny this now that it's going viral. Own up to it, who cares. A well placed F bomb always plays and frankly more talking heads should go this route once we get past like 10pm. Let it turn into the wild wild west where you can say whatever you want. That's the NBA I want.


(h/t) @JJ13AZ