Louisville Fans Are Whining That A Travel Company Sent Them A UK Decorated Bus To Take Them To Their Game At Notre Dame


[Source] - Let's just say they weren't happy about this: "This is beyond disrespectful," one can be heard saying in a video of the bus pulling up. 

About 50 U of L fans left for South Bend, Indiana, Friday morning to support the Cards in Saturday's game against Notre Dame. The group reportedly booked the bus with Shockey Tours — before it was bought by Jefferson Transportation. Managers said they had no idea they were picking up U of L fans until the driver arrived, and there were no other buses available for the trip.

Just a fucking hilarious image and video, especially if you hate Louisville. 50 people all excited to make the road trip to Notre Dame. Probably sitting there talking to their loved ones about how they'll see where Rudy played and light a prayer candle that Chris Mack can figure out the point guard spot. Then it happens. The DISRESPECT! 

The bus decked out with University of Kentucky everywhere shows up. 

What do they expect? No one gives a shit about Louisville. You call a Kentucky travel company, you're going to get a Kentucky bus. Maybe if Louisville would actually make the rivalry interesting and win at least once every 10 times, we'd have a Louisville bus for you. All I know is this lady in the front here is pissed. She has no desire throw a L's up

You just HATE to see something happen to such a shitty fanbase. Just hate to see it. Who knows though? Maybe getting some Kentucky blue around them will actually help them win a game or two. They need all the help.