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Darth Francesa Is The Mashup I Never Knew I Needed

I always wondered what Old Man Reese's felt like the first time his tastebuds experienced chocolate and peanut butter glossing over his tongue together at the same time. But now I know that glorious feeling after my eardrums heard Mike Francesa voice Darth Vader. 

My entire life I thought James Earl Jones' vocal cords had the perfect octave to play the baddest man in a galaxy far, far away. Instead it turns out a 60-something year old radio host with a thick Long Island accent who ruled the New York drive time airwaves with the same ferocity and iron fist as The Man Formerly Known As Anakin Skywalker ruled countless star systems is how the man in black should actually talk. I've watched that first video roughly 100 times since last night and laugh harder every single time. The parallels of Mike being fed up with his callers and his crew matching up with Darth Vader lighting up the rebels and his Empire lackeys is uncanny. Shit, I bet Mike tried to Force choke out Michael Kay after he watched Stahh Wawws with his kids for the first time.

Kudos to our guy and absolute lunatic Mongo Big Action Bill for doing the damn thing yet again.