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Charli D'amelio AKA The Biggest Tik Tok Star On The Planet Came By Barstool HQ To Teach Stool Team 6 How To Dance

So in case you don’t know who Charli D’Amelio is, she is a 15 year old Tik Tok star. I’m talking like the BIGGEST star on Tik Tok. She gained 16.8 M followers in just 3 months and keeps on rising. Her sister Dixie is also famous now and they spend half of their time at the hype house in LA where a bunch of other Tik Tok stars live and dance all day long. So the fact that Charli and Dixie showed up on just day 4 of Stool Team 6 means big things are coming for our squad. Charli and Dixie taught us one of the dances they do and even though we were not nearly as good as them it’s definitely the beginning of what’s to come. No big deal but she posted us on her own page with 16.8 M followers AND tagged us. What a saint.


And in case you don’t know what Stool Team 6’s our new Tik Tok squad. Me, Ellie, Rudy, Marty Mush, Tommy Smokes, and KB. We have no idea what’s real or fake anymore but the one thing we do know is that we are trying to become Tik Tok stars like Charli and Dixie. We will be posting multiple Toks as well as daily vlogs that you can watch on Tik Tok as well as Twitter.