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Dana White Is Flying A Fired Best Buy Security Guard To Vegas For McGregor/Cowboy And Offering Her A Job Because He's The Man

Ladies and gentlemen, Uncle Dana White. How could you not love the guy? Seriously?

Summer here BODIED this punk and stopped him from shoplifting at the Best Buy where she worked just a few weeks ago, but unfortunately got fired for the aggressive force she used in doing so, which is kinda bullshit if ya ask me! I say if you don't shoplift, you won't get demolished by Summer. Those are fair rules. Rules that are very fun to watch get enforced.

Dana White, a smart man, who just one year ago had this happen...

…he probably realizes he could use some more "Ask Questions Later" people on his security squad and knows where to scout talent!

ahem dana hit me up ahem

So Dana's flying Summer out to Vegas for McGregor/Cowboy and offering her a job by the looks of his tweet, which is just fucking phenomenal. Feel good story for ages. Maybe he was inspired by the story of One Month Trial Ethan! I hope so!