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Drunk Dude Makes 1 Visit To Taco Bell, Crashes Into The Building 4 Times

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DULUTHTaco Bell’s current slogan encourages folks to “Live Mas.” But after allegedly driving drunk and smashing into a Duluth restaurant four separate times Sunday morning, one local teen might want to tone things down a bit. At about 12:30 a.m. Sunday, a Gwinnett County police officer was patrolling near the intersection of Pleasant Hill Road and Satellite Boulevard when he heard tires screeching and a woman yelling for help. He would soon discover that 19-year-old Armando Lupercio had driven his pickup truck off the road and into a tree before continuing through the parking lot and smashing into the glass facade of Taco Bell — and that he wasn’t done yet. As the officer responded, he reportedly watched as Lupercio drove around the corner of the restaurant and crashed into the building for a second time. He then backed up and hit the building yet again, police said. Two women and the officer were standing in the drive thru lane when the truck took off again. “I felt the driver’s intent was to strike any object or person within the path of the truck,” the responding officer wrote. “I saw the truck strike (one of the aforementioned women’s) vehicle as it sped (past). The truck made a sharp left turn and struck the building.” Lupercio allegedly continued to rev the engine before the officer coaxed him out by drawing his weapon. “I’m sorry,” Lupercio reportedly said, “but the gas pedal was stuck.”



All Taco Bell drive-thrus should be decorated like a home with a toddler living in it. You know how parents put bumpers on all the corners of the tables and lock cabinets with dangerous things in them and they have the gates in front of the stairs? That’s how a TB drive-thru should be set up, toddler proof. Drunk toddler proof. Because no one goes sober, that’s a fact. Taco Bell could only be open between the hours of midnight and 3 AM and they may lose 1% of their business. So be a good company and cater to your clientele. Have the drive thru set up with tires and bumpers all over the place like it’s a Go-Kart track. That way your building remains intact and your shitfaced customer can get his Gordito crunch without a cop sticking a gun in his face. Everyone wins.


PS – It’s kind of weird that Armando Lupicero goes to Taco Bell, right? You can make your own taco better than them dude. Like Chinese people don’t go to Panda Express, do they? They eat real Chinese food, not the Americanized version. Figured Mexicans were the same way.