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Alert: The Old Man Wandering Chapel Hill Streets Playing Craps On His iPad Instead Of Watching Film Is Actually Roy Williams

Poor ol Roy man. What else is he supposed to do? I mean the man is just trying to get some sleep and what else is better to help you sleep than some dice rolling around on your iPad? It's not like he actually wants to watch film since he's said multiple times his team flat out stinks. But how, as a UNC-Chapel Hill player or fan, does this make you feel better? You know what a coach who believes his team would turn the season around be doing? Watching film, trying to get better, even if they are working out. 

Don't worry though, UNC-Chapel Hill fans! The man who has blasted his team saying they are the least gifted team he's ever coached. The man who said that even if they bring their A-game it's not enough. The man who is playing craps on his oversized iPad is the most optimistic around the program! 

That said, the image of Roy wandering around Chapel Hill on complete tilt after losing to Wofford, Georgia Tech and Pitt at home is fucking hilarious. Just going all in, pressing on the 4, playing the field. The man just can't control himself on nights he can't sleep. Roy just has to play craps.